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Apartments & Villas for Rent/Sale in Qingdao

Apartment and home rentals in QingdaoQingdao continue grow as new housing complexes come online.  Qingdao Apartments for Rent in China's Sailing City range from as cheap as 1000 CNY to 25,000 CNY per month with a wide variety of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartments available for rent.  Most villa home rentals in Qingdao have 4 or 5 bedrooms with at least 2 bathrooms, a private garden, and second floor balcony.

Over the years living standards have continued to improve and most new apartments are equipped with basic western amenities.  These basic amenities usually include a washing machine, refrigerator & freezer, gas range without oven, microwave, and some furniture.  The high end apartments are usually loaded with a full set of western amenities that includes an oven and decent size bathtub.

In Qingdao City, as well as the majority of all modern cities in China, a "house and/or home" is commonly an apartment.  Most of the apartments do not have western style bathrooms and/or modern kitchens.  If you are in need of traditional western style housing, then refine your search to villas.

QDRE also has several serviced apartment rentals in Qingdao: (1) TOP YiHe International Serviced Apartments, (2) Third Space Serviced Apartments, (3) Huangdao Serviced Apartments, (4) ChengYang TianTai MeiJia Serviced Apartments.

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The following is just a small sample of our extensive residential real estate property data base.  Photographs available upon request.